Thrifted style.

Apparently I am often wishing I were outside.

First, what I wore last week, for the start of the academic year

Zegna // Luxire // Conrad Wu // Linen square

Next, what I am wearing today for the start of class.

BB // Bergdorf Goodman // J. Press // Foo-approved Square

Trying the Sid Mashburn thing of white jeans, navy blazer, and repp tie.

Belvest // Paul Stuart // BB // No name // Levis // Alden


Yesterday: BB Seersucker // BB // The Tie Bar seersucker

Today: BB linen/cotton // BB // Chipp2 Gren // PRL silk


Robin. R.I.P. 

It’s a sad, sad day.

Shocked. So sad.


Robin. R.I.P.

It’s a sad, sad day.

Shocked. So sad.

Zegna Navy Blazer // BB // No name // Incotex Chinolino // AE McClain

Edit: I just saw this on my phone and my shirt is rendering as mauve or lilac . It is, in fact, sky blue.


Zegna // Barba // J Press // PRL // Incotex // No name blue suede drivers

Summer tie challenge.

Belvest fresco // Luxire // vintage bleeding madras // nordstrom // Bonobos // Alden

A photographic reminder to fasten the anchor button on a DB jacket lest you be accused of wearing a skirt.

Suitsupply // PRL // Kent Wang // Incotex // Alden

Did you find yourself sizing up?

No. Sizing down, if anything. In most brands I’m an XL (my PRL polos are XL custom fit) and this is an L. I find that the fabric stretches during the day resulting in a looser fit by the afternoon, which is shown here, than when I first put it on and my wife looks askance at me as though I’m not dressing my age. 

I actually own both L and XL in these polos. For casual wear I go with the L and for tennis I wear the XL (the “DRY” fabric is great for tennis) for the looser fit and greater range of motion.

Not especially interesting, but I do like the cutaway collars on the Uniqlo polos, and the length is great also.